December 17, 2018

Sara Jones
Renowned wedding planner with a flair for the simplistic and unique style.

The job profile of a bridesmaid can be a hefty and volatile one. Anything can be added to the job description at any time, and one should be ready to take on the mantle. A bridesmaid, not only anchors on to her best friend’s side on one of the biggest days of her life, but also she’s on standby for emotional support during, say, a fall out about the table linens or a meltdown over the wedding cake.

Bridesmaids, sometimes go through sleepless nights to get up early at the crack of dawn to get made up for the day. They are to maintain their strength through all the tiring hours of picture taking after the I do’s. This willingness to slap on a frilly dress, pose for endless photos, and drop top dollar on an elaborate up-do communicates great levels of sentiment. Such a gesture deserves to be rewarded with something more appealing other than a scented candle or a t-shirt with "Bridesmaids” enthralled on it.

It is normal for the new bride to give a present to her bridesmaids. Nonetheless, you may wonder what some terrific, unique bridesmaids gifts are. We have done our homework and came up with these 14 gift ideas that we guarantee you will meaningfully express your gratitude to your Robin, and touch her heart deeply.

1. Personalized Initial Knot Bracelet

2. Custom Flute
Albeit there’s one more thing brides want to have in the bridal suite for their bridesmaids and these are custom-made champagne flutes. Whether your are toasting with champagne in the limo, serving mimosas or heading over to brunch with a bunch of best friends, these glasses are a must-have.

3. Bath Ball Gift Set

After a long day of photo shoots, standing, dancing, and celebrations, a relaxing bathtub experience is worth everything. The perfect bath ball gift set for your bridesmaids will make you their lifesaver of the year.

4. Bridesmaid Wedding Robes

Who wouldn’t love a dashing robe? There is a variety of material you can choose from to give a wedding robe as a gift to your bridesmaids. You can select from a luxury silk robe, a sexy polyester robe with lace trim or a plush rayon robe to cozy up a hot summer afternoon.

5. Stainless Cheese Cutter Restaurant Set

Buying an already sliced cheese can be quite expensive since you’re paying for an amenity factor. Nonetheless, buying wholesale uncut cheese blocks instead of the sliced ones will cut down your buying costs. For your girls, having the right cheese slicer will help them to quickly and easily portion large chunks of cheese for the dinner party, or brunch at their friends place making the cooking process easy! Whether you’re looking for an ornamental cheese knife that can be utilized for front-of-house applications, or you need a cheese wire that painlessly cuts through chunks of partially hard cheese, we’re sure you will meet their food prep needs.

6. Custom Cherry Blossom Glitter Flower Phone

A great idea as a gift to present to your bridesmaids is something nice that can be put to use in one’s everyday endeavors. Something with a practical accessory that has their initials engraved on it would do the trick. Stamping out a personalized cherry blossom glitter flower phone case for each of the bridesmaids makes it unique and fun

7. Moisturizing Facial Mask

Baby your girls before your big day with a professionally-backed collection of skin care product. The assault of chilly winds and dropping temperatures in the wedding weekend will leave your bridesmaids’ skin in need of some relief. But rather than rethinking a regimen of serums, creams, and oils, a relaxing solution can be found in a single step: a moisturizing facial mask. The trending crop of super-moisturizing solutions boasts serious restorative properties guaranteed to produce glowing, smooth skin in a single use

8. Personalized Bridesmaid Coffee Mugs

If your ‘maids have a remarkable sense of humor, treat them to this hilariously cute “will you be my bridesmaids” mug that will become a centerpiece in their homes! Give it to them the morning of the big day or even use it as a token to ask them to help you out on your big day. Start pouring the mimosas and coffee for a picture-perfect moment with your cute matching mugs!

9. Personalized Wedding Hanger

Girls are creatures who love decorating themselves, an endless number of times their cupboards are opened. Gift your girls with a personalized wedding hanger so that each time they open their cupboard, let their eyes get stuck at your beautiful present.

10. Personalized Wedding Slippers

A pair of personalized slippers so everyone can let their toes breathe in between photo shoots is also an excellent gift idea you can give your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation for your big day

11. Bridesmaid Gift Set

The bridesmaid gift set is something anyone would buy for themselves if they wanted to show themselves some gratitude as weird as it sounds but its worth it. The gift set comes with the perfect idea of a cute travel water bottle. It also bags a deluxe cosmos pink with a shade of lavender clutch (which could work as a fully functioning new makeup bag). To add on, you get bougie liquid soap that will make you feel fancy (from the word on the street, everyone is saying it does the work), a deluxe bathing robe and… well, you have to get it to know what more is in the box.

12. Casual Glitter Sneakers

We bet every glam squad/ bridesquad would be jealous when they catch your team in these glitzy kicks. And the ribbon laces add an extra touch of glam. Your girls can hit the club in the wedding weekend after the reception with such marvel in their feet

13. Sleeping Beauty Eye Cover Sleeping Mask

After a long and tiring day with the bride and groom, good night sleep is something long awaited for. You can get your bridesmaids sleeping beauty eye cover sleeping masks that are both dash and elegant. What better way of showing appreciation rather than sponsoring their sleep?

14. Bracelet Flask

This tiny, inexpensive flask is perfect for the bride on a budget. And since it also holds a little more than a double-shot of liquor, it's also perfect for the bridesmaid who might need to calm their nerves before that walk down the aisle. Subtle sips of vodka have never been so easy with this unique and fun bracelet flask. You can keep your favorite drink always in the comfort of your hand and make a fashion statement at the same time! This flask features a unique shape such that you can wear it on your wrist like a bracelet. The opening on top makes it easy to access your drink, and you can even personalize it with custom engraving and make it more personalized for the one you are giving it to. What more does a girl need!

These girls are your, “I-Do Crew,” your “BrideTribe,” “the Gal Pals” who have been with you through it all. To crown it all, they’re the ones who will be standing by your side and supporting you when you say your vows. They have most likely spent the right amount of time and money celebrating you, and now it’s your turn to thank them with one of the best bridesmaid options of gifts we have suggested for you.

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